What Our Client Says

I was with HubSpot for 1 year to help me grow my online nutrition business. I didn't know anything about websites, how to generate leads, I mean I was coming to HubSpot with a website my friend made me for free! I donated my arm and leg to be able to pay for HubSpot's coaching in hopes to increase my traffic. As a beginner to the online marketing and web developing world, I had to learn quite a lot, from basics to advanced material. If my responsibilities as a business owner only revolved around website and online marketing, I'd be on cloud nine. But for someone that didn't have a lot of experience, I couldn't devote all the time necessary to really take advantage of my investment, unfortunately. And when it was all said and done, I had a good website, but not a GREAT website, and a flat lined lead to customer generator.

I came across ProjectArmy after reading the positive reviews regarding transitioning from HubSpot to WordPress CMS. After my consultation with Viktor, I made the decision to go with more cost effective alternatives to managing my website design, leads, and traffic. I also asked while in the process of the transition, that Viktor just completely makeover my website design. And WOW did he deliver! This is the website I've always wanted and at a fraction of the cost! In the first 24 hours of testing, I already had 2 blog comments and 2 leads!

I know it can be hard to find a webmaster guru that you trust and is credible, but ProjectArmy is. I knew they were from the promptness of the consultation call, to the transparent contract and client portal. I have many more ideas to bring to my program and website in the near future and I will be sure to have ProjectArmy lead the way. Many Thanks.

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