What Our Client Says

Viktor is great. He's accessible, genuine and totally wants to help me get to where I want to be. He took the time to talk to me and figure out what I specifically need instead of a one size fits all approach. I had already done a serious and costly redesign of my website and needed him to help me figure out how to get up there in search results without reading countless tutorials on SEO filled with Internet jargon that I don't understand.

Viktor looked at what I had in place to find out what was missing and filled in the gaps. He fixed website errors that were slowing me down, advised me on creating content, made sure I was PROPERLY set up on all my social network outlets and was always available with any questions I had.

I always wished I had a BFF who was a website/webmaster/tech expert so I can just pick their brain randomly with whichever questions I had and Viktor became that guy.

Anytime, I had a question about something or was unclear about the way things worked in the Internet Land, Viktor always answered me back within 24 hours. He was genuine in wanting to help me get positive results for my business and kept on offering solutions. I was kind of surprised at what a great resource he was, even for my specific industry. I need to go through his emails again to make sure I looked into each suggestion he made and maximized all his ideas.

Not Sure Where to Start? First Strategy Session is On Us!

We understand. Start with a genuine heart-to-heart conversation with our marketing expert about your current challenges. We don't dish out best practices you can read on someone else's blog. We give tailored advice based on your business needs. You're not alone anymore!