What Our Client Says

Oftentimes when working for a small startup, one is faced with tight resources and even tighter budget allocations. However, the expectations to grow the lead gen machine, convert website visitors and build relationships with people via digital/social marketing are great. As a team of one, I was a bit overwhelmed - too many deliverables, too many priorities and not enough time in the day. Sound familiar?

Luckily, in doing some research on marketing automation solutions, I came across some thought leadership blog that Viktor wrote. After reading through the wealth of information, I reached out to Viktor, and his company, ProjectArmy, for an initial conversation.

Finding someone on the web can always be iffy, especially from a trust perspective, but after a few initial conversations, I was impressed by his level of knowledge about Marketing Automation, Website Design, Google Analytics, SEO/SEM and Lead Conversion. It was exactly what I needed.

Viktor helped us with the following projects:

  • Launching a new website designed for lead conversion, fully SEO optimized
  • Helping to evaluate different marketing automation solutions to select the one that was right for our small, 10 person company
  • Running paid advertising campaigns/sponsored content on LinkedIn
  • Hosting and helping to optimize our WordPress site for performance and availability

Net-Net, Viktor and his team at ProjectArmy have been superb. The level of service and attentiveness from the very start confirmed to me that we had found the right partner. I loved that Viktor pushed back when it made sense to do so… Not just following something for the sake of it, but doing what made sense for our business. It was like he had a personal stake in our company. Over the last 12 months that we have been working together, I view Viktor as a confidant, a trusted business partner, and someone who has our back. I recommend Viktor and the ProjectArmy team without reservation!

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