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Not Your WordPress

WordPress management and marketing support for busy business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals in service industries - local and online.

Effective Marketing Support for Your Business.

Get More Organic Traffic from Google By Fixing Issues & Resolving Errors

Your website has issues. Visibility issues, crawling errors, poor on-page SEO and other errors that prevent your website from ranking well. We optimize your website fixing critical issues and errors, improving website performance, and monitor website’s SEO health to respond to issues quickly.

This crucial step can dramatically increase traffic.

Website SEO Optimization
Website Performance Reports

Monthly Website Performance Reports
Show You What's Working & What's Not

You don't have to wonder anymore if your website is working or not. Google Analytics and other tools are very complex, and our clients are simply overwhelmed with all the data.

Now you will receive a simple report that highlights key performance metrics that show you how your website is doing, how your marketing activities are paying off, and where you should invest next.

Stop Losing Leads on Your Website With Conversion Optimization Review

Let's be honest. You don't need more traffic, you need more customers. Our experience shows, business websites get traffic but they are not created and/or optimized to convert that traffic into leads and customers.

We'll provide usability and conversion optimization review to help you convert more traffic into leads, and work with you to implement necessary changes.

Conversion Optimization
Google Conversion Tracking

Track Success of Your Marketing With
Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics

If you can't measure your success you won't know how to replicate it, and if you can't measure your failure you won't know how to fix it.

That's why we setup conversion tracking inside your Google Analytics to measure and understand how your lead generation activities are paying off.

Hope is not a strategy, make decisions with data.


Increase Accuracy of Your Reporting With Spam Filters in Google Analytics

Majority of people don't realize that Google Analytics is filled with spam traffic designed to get you to visit spam website. It will inflate your traffic, making it look like you're getting visitors but they're not converting.

We setup filters to stop spam traffic from making it into your reporting, increasing accuracy of your data. It is an ongoing effort as new spam websites do show up.

Google Analytics Referrer Spam Clean Up
I was so glad to find Viktor Nagornyy's ProjectArmy services through the WordPress forums. Viktor has gone above and beyond to provide me with the absolute best customer service, technical expertise and marketing services. I highly recommend Viktor and ProjectArmy, and I will use their services again for all my WordPress and marketing needs.
Jennifer Henczel, Marketing Motivator

Not Sure? First Strategy Session Is On Us

If you're not sure about what help you need, if you're overwhelmed with WordPress and marketing or maybe you want to get your questions answered. Simply schedule a strategy session with a WordPress and marketing pro whose core purpose is your success.