Search Engine Optimization

You don't need more traffic, you need more qualified leads.

Do you sell advertising on your website? No, you don't. You're a service provider and you need leads or walk-ins. That's why you need to change your focus from more traffic to more qualified leads.

There is a big difference between the two. You can get all the traffic you can handle in the world, but get zero leads.

In our work, we've seen traffic drop while lead generation increase due to traffic being more qualified to begin with.

Our SEO services are specifically tailored to the needs of small service businesses, local and online. We focus on your long term growth and success, no dirty schemes that will get you penalized. We do it right the first time.

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Anyone with a website gets a daily barage of emails and offers from self-titled SEO Experts. I've tried a few myself. Then Viktor Nagornyy of ProjectArmy offered me a "free consultation". Yeah, right. More like: Yeah, right on! Viktor showed me exactly why my established site's revenue was dropping. Then I hired ProjectArmy at a very fair price and he made it happen. Traffic and revenues were up almost immediately — and still climbing. Smart guy, intuitive judgment, clear communication, affordably priced. Wish I'd found ProjectArmy and Viktor a year ago! Do your web business a favor and hire ProjectArmy!
Dan Ramsey,

Organic, Long Term Focus on Your Success

  • Inbound Marketing/Content Strategy
    Without an effective strategy you will not reap full benefits of inbound marketing. You need a plan of action to follow, otherwise you'll fail.
  • Comprehensive Keyword Research
    Understand what keywords your ideal clients use to find your services, so you can be there when they need help, information and your expertise.
  • On-Page Website Optimization
    The foundation of search engine optimization is having a well optimized website. You need to make sure each page has everything necessary for Google to care and rank it.
  • Website Assessment and Reviews
    Let us review your website to understand what's working, what's not working, how to improve your SEO and user experience. User behavior is a ranking factor!
  • Google Penalty Assessment and Recovery
    Did you get hit with a manual penalty? Or maybe the latest Google algorithm change killed your traffic. We can help evaluate your situation and figure out how to fix it.
  • Google Search Console Troubleshooting
    If you're having issues inside Search Console, like 404 errors, crawling errors, sitemap errors, we can help troubleshoot and fix them quickly to ensure Google can crawl website.
  • Recovery After So Called "SEO Experts"
    Did you answer that spammy SEO email? They sound tempting, but they cause more issues than benefits. We've cleaned up after many "SEO experts" in the past.
  • On-Demand Content Optimization
    Do you love writing but don't know how to optimize your posts? No problem. We will optimize your posts before they're published, ensuring Google loves and ranks them.
  • On-Demand Content Creation
    You're busy, you got to run your business and make sales. We get it! That's why we'll create content for you, catered to your ideal clients to help them find and buy from you.
  • Competitor and Market Research
    We have military background, we know how critical it is knowing your "enemy" that's why we can help you assess your competition and see how you can dominate your niche.

The only thing we don't do is link building, we can help you create content that earns you links instead.

What Are Your SEO Challenges Right Now?

Tell us how we can serve your business, schedule your free SEO consultation. Once we know your challenges, we'll know if we can help or recommend someone else.
Viktor Nagornyy and ProjectArmy have been an invaluable resource for my start-up SaaS company. Viktor's broad marketing expertise allowed me to use him as a one stop shop for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), marketing automation, lead generation and capture, and email campaign strategy. Viktor's work has generated a conservative ROI of at least 50 times the money we invested in his service. Needless to say, we are very happy, and will continue using ProjectArmy for upcoming projects.
David Dodge, Tutorware