Your Website Should Be a
Client Generating Machine

Amateurs build websites that ruin your business. We build marketing foundation that generates clients, sales and growth.


You Want a Website, But You NEED a Marketing Foundation

If you need yet another expense, throw some money at a developer and they'll build you a pretty thing to please you. If you want to get more clients and sales, build a marketing foundation that grows with your business and turns your website into an asset.
The real cost of a business website is not how much you spend to get it built, it's how much you will not make because of it.
Your website is a business asset. It is an investment that will make or break your business. If you treat it as an expense, it will be the cheapest way to run your business into the ground. Guaranteed!

Be Honest With Yourself
What Do You Really Need: An Expense or An Asset?

Take a moment to think about it. If you need an asset we can help.

You Need an Asset, Let's Build a Marketing Foundation

When you create a thriving marketing foundation, your business website becomes an asset.

I hired ProjectArmy to transfer my website from HubSpot to WordPress due to the high costs of HubSpot and the difficulty maintaining the website without paying for additional help. I could not ask for a better partner than ProjectArmy! They had the website completely transformed within two weeks with more powerful and user friendly tools than I ever had before. They were able to make my website look 100% more professional than before and now I pay about one third of the cost than I did with HubSpot. The tools are easy to use and I can maintain my content with ease. Their process is hands on and helpful while allowing you to be in control of the final decisions.
Melita Ball, MBC & Affiliates, LLC

Here's What & How We Help You Do It

Attract Ideal Clients Not Random Traffic to Feel Good About It

Creating content for the sake of traffic is a sure way to waste money. You need to understand your ideal clients, what keeps them up at night, what challenges they have to understand what carrot to dangle in front of them to attract them to your website.

An inbound marketing strategy with detailed buyer personas gives you clarity to know what to do, where to do it, how to do it, and when to do it. 

Attract Ideal Clients - Inbound Marketing Strategy
Business Website - Educate Clients

Convert More Visitors to Leads by Leveraging Your Expertise

You're already an expert, but your prospects don't know that. Following an effective strategy, you can create blog posts, ebooks, landing pages, campaigns and emails tailored to the needs of your ideal clients. The more you educate them, the more you will sell.

Your website will have everything you need to leverage your expertise to convert visitors to leads, and continue to nurture them to repeat sales!

Build Your Email List to Nurture and Follow Up With Leads to Sell More

Email marketing is still the #1 way to increase sales. But it must be organic, buying lists can land you in hot water and instead invest that money into growing your list and sharing your expertise. You're a thought leader now, remember?

Whatever you decide to use for email marketing (Mailchimp, Hatchbuck, etc.), will be fully integrated with your website to capture and nurture leads to help you follow up and close 80% of your sales*.

Grow and Nurture Email List - Business Website
Page Builder - Website Management

Easily Manage Your Website Without Coding So You'll Stop Procrastinating

The biggest issue businesses have with their website is that they need developer to make changes and keep everything updated. Not anymore!

You will be able to manage and update all your pages, landing pages and blog posts with our visual drag-and-drop page builder that requires no coding. We'll even throw in training videos to make sure you and your staff know exactly what to do.

Understand What's Working and What's Not to Make Better Decisions

It is critical to measure activities on your website. You need to know what's working and what's not working, so you make better decisions.

Your website will be connected with all Google services to leverage data and give you visibility into your traffic, audience, conversions and much more.

Google Analytics - Business Website
Marketing Automation with Hatchbuck

Build Relationships and Close Sales With Marketing and Sales Automation

You don't have to do everything yourself, you can leverage Hatchbuck to automate your marketing and sales activities while tracking everything in the CRM.

It gives you powerful, yet very simple platform to manage your sales while nurturing leads throughout their journey. This is optional, but incredibly potent.

These Clients Got an Asset, You'll Get an Asset Too

"This is the website I've always wanted and at a fraction of the cost! In the first 24 hours of testing, I already had 2 blog comments and 2 leads!"

Shelby McDaniel
TNT Nutrition
{full story}

TNT Nutrition - Business Website - Happy Client

"Net-Net, Viktor and his team at ProjectArmy have been superb. The level of service and attentiveness from the very start confirmed to me that we had found the right partner."

Mark Bloom
MobileForce Software
{full story}

MobileForce - Business Website - Happy Client

"My client base has increased and I have acquired the tools for continued growth in my businesses."

Monica Lowy
Speak Your Peace Holistic Life Coaching
{full story}

Speak Your Peace - Business Website - Happy Client

"Throughout the whole process Viktor made suggestions to maximize our resources and create not just a website but a system that will certainly help us drive business."

Tim Crockett
Pioneer Consulting Group
{full story}

Pioneer Consulting Group - Business Website - Happy Client

"Viktor was extremely thorough and communicated with us very well to ensure we were 100% satisfied with his work."

Michael Carr
{full story}

VolunteerHub - Business Website - Happy Client

"I highly recommend Viktor and ProjectArmy to any business that believes their website is one of their most valuable assets."

Betsy Kent
Be Visible
{full story}

Be Visible - Business Website - Happy Client

Ready to Build a Foundation or Have a Question?

This is a great first step. If you're not sure what you need, if you're overwhelmed with online marketing, or maybe you're tired of wasting money on a website that doesn't work for your business. Simply schedule a consultation with a pro who's core purpose is your success. We got you!

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