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Real Actors Read Yelp #2 – Therese Plummer

By Viktor Nagornyy | May 7, 2014

Award winning audio-book narrator and actress Therese Plummer (The Good Wife, Law and Order SVU) lends her expressive talents to a Yelp review. Music is Mozart. Do you have any interesting reviews left by customers? Share in the comments below.

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Using User-Generated Videos to Market Your Small Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Viktor Nagornyy | May 7, 2014
User Generated Video Content

User-generated video content can provide an added marketing advantage over your competition. Most small businesses don’t know anything about it. When we work with clients to build or repair business reputation, we help them engage their customers and clients to contribute videos in a form of testimonials and reviews. It provides enormous advantage over their…

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Real Actors Read Yelp #1 – Chris Kipiniak

By Viktor Nagornyy | May 6, 2014

Professional actor Chris Kipiniak (Law and Order, The Good Wife) puts the full weight of his dynamic gifts behind this interpretation of an online restaurant review. The music is Erik Satie’s Gnossienne #4 Have you ever had customers leave any odd or funny reviews? Share in the comments below.

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4 Local SEO Tips for Restaurants to Build Online Reputation

By Viktor Nagornyy | May 5, 2014
Local SEO Tips for Restaurants

In order for a restaurant to succeed, the search engine optimization is a key tool to use. There are many small business tools that a restaurant owner can use. Building successful restaurant business is similar to building a strong house. It will require enough time and effort for a successful project. A strong website will…

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Just How Important Business Reviews Are Anyway? [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Viktor Nagornyy | May 5, 2014
Business Reviews Infographic

Online reputation is key to a successful, lasting business. For some reason, many local businesses still don’t understand just how important, and damaging if negative, online reviews can be. At ProjectArmy, we educate our clients and their staff/employees about the importance of online reputation, how to deliver exceptional customer experience and foster reputation culture to…

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Over 10% of Alexa’s Top Million Websites Checked Found UNSAFE [Infographic]

By Viktor Nagornyy | May 2, 2014
WordPress Website Security

A recent website security study by Sucuri shows that over 10% of Alexa’s top one million websites are outdated, contain malicious code and overall considered unsafe. How secure is your website?

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How Reputation Marketing Can Triple Your Advertising ROI

By Viktor Nagornyy | May 1, 2014
Reputation Marketing Advertising ROI

Many local businesses spend thousands of dollars on advertising every year. Anything from TV and radio commercials to YellowBook and newspaper ads. But, in most cases they rarely return a good ROI. That’s why so many small businesses fail every year – they rely on traditional advertising that does not deliver customers and sales. One…

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