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Why You’re Not Generating Leads With Your Website

By Viktor Nagornyy | Sep 27, 2014

The biggest pleasure I get out of the work that my team and I do is helping businesses realize their marketing potential without a huge marketing budget. Getting more leads is crucial for service businesses, yet many businesses fail to do it right. That’s why so many businesses fail every year as the time goes…

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How to Identify Spear Phishing Emails to Protect Your Business

By Viktor Nagornyy | Sep 18, 2014
cPanel Webhosting Spear Phishing Emails

Recently one of our hosting clients noticed an email in his Spam box that appeared to have come from cPanel about his website hosting account. Although Gmail did the right thing by marking it as spam, the client wanted to make sure and emailed us to verify that this was spam and nothing more. This…

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How CRM Apps Can Help Increase Sales by Up to 29%

By Michelle Burt | Aug 25, 2014

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, applications turn small businesses into profit powerhouses. In an interesting infographic by Salesforce and Quickbooks, they show that a CRM application can help increase sales by up to 29%, sales productivity by up to 34% and forecast accuracy by 42%. CRM apps help businesses save time by proving important information in friendly…

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15 Tips to Create Compelling LinkedIn Company Updates

By Viktor Nagornyy | Jul 8, 2014
LinkedIn Company Updates

LinkedIn has an insightful infographic about creating compelling company updates to keep your audience engaged. Unfortunately, many small businesses and solopreneurs do not take full advantage of LinkedIn to generate B2B leads for their business. First, you must have an optimized LinkedIn company page. It includes the basic information like your logo, description, link to your…

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3 Strategies to Reach Local Shoppers in Your Area

By Viktor Nagornyy | Jun 15, 2014
Stall holders and shoppers at Winter Wonder Leeds Briggate Spectacular.

Being a small business is already tough, but when you’re a local business it’s that’s even tougher. Local businesses rely on local customers, so getting a call from Arkansas when you only do business in New York City doesn’t help. In some cases it can even hurt: imagine getting dozens of calls from people all…

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Google My Business Guide for Local Businesses

By Viktor Nagornyy | Jun 12, 2014
Google My Business Dashboard

Goolge introduced a new way of managing your business on Google. Over the last few years it’s been a nightmare to manage business information on Google and stay updated on the changes. Everything was disconnected, from local listings to Google+ Pages for Business. Google My Business aims to unify all properties to allow business owners…

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