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Constant Threat to Be Hacked

Under Constant Threat

WordPress is under constant threat. Its popularity attracts hackers, which means one day you might get a call from a customer about your website sending them to buy Viagra. Unless you’re a pharmacy, it’s not good.

On a Brink of Disaster Breaking Your Website

On a Brink of Disaster

A hacker is not your worst enemy, you are. Lack of knowledge and skills always keeps you on the brink of disaster, breaking a website with a missing comma, for example. Good luck fixing that one without FTP access.

Searching for WordPress Answers on Google

Searching for Everything

How much time have you wasted on Google trying to find WordPress answers? Wouldn’t you rather spend that time selling instead? You can’t earn your time back. Stop wasting it on nonsense and things you most likely don’t need.

Lack of Support in WordPress.org Forums

Lack of Support

Ever heard a cricket in the WordPress.org forums? That’s not a way to run a business, especially if you broke your website or got hacked and need to recover your site. Stop losing customers, money, and sanity – please!

How Much Time Do You Waste NOT SELLING?

We will take care of your business website to help you keep customers and money, while giving you time to focus on your sales!
Basic Active Premium
Daily Backup Never lose your website, your investment.
Emergency Recovery Not if, but when you break your website.
Proactive Core & Plugin Upgrades Always be up-to-date and protected.
Security Audit & Hardening Eliminate vulnerabilities, upgrade everything.
Proactive Website Security Security management and monitoring.
Unlimited WordPress Ticket Support NEVER be alone again.
Training Resources On-demand marketing and business training.
Umbrella Dashboard Access All-in-one dashboard. $29/mo. value!
Hands-on Work Requests Don’t stress, we’ll fix it.On-demand requests are $99/mo. Don’t need Care Plan? Buy on demand here »
$99/request 2/mo. Save $198/mo. 3/mo. Save $297/mo.
Priority Support Skip the line, get blazing fast replies.
$49/mo. $49/mo.
WooCommerce Support If you have WooCommerce on your website.
$49/mo. $39/mo. $39/mo.

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If you are not satisfied with our service and commitment to your business success, get every penny back without a hassle within the first 30 days of your sign up.

We do not currently support: WordPress Multisite, WordPress.com, BuddyPress, bbPress. See FAQ for details.

The level of service and attentiveness from the very start confirmed to me that we had found the right partner in building out a new website and supporting infrastructure.

Tim Crockett Pioneer Consulting Group (read full »)

Preventative Care

Daily Backups

Daily WordPress Backup

Every day we backup your business website to ensure that you never lose your website files and data. One mistake and hours, days, weeks, and even years worth of hard work (and money!) can be gone. Focus on content, sales, and operations – we’ll care for your website as if it’s our own baby!

Emergency Restoring

WordPress Emergency Restore

Whatever happens to your website – deleted files or database, defacing or malware – whatever it is, we’ll recover your website from one of our secure backups. You simply need to ask. Within a few hours it’ll be back to its previous state: functional and profitable.
A functional website is profitable website.

Proactive Upgrades

The key to a secure business website is to keep everything up to date. That’s why we keep your plugins, themes and WordPress up-to-date and secure. After every upgrade we follow a Quality Assurance checklist to ensure upgrades did not cause any issues.
Prevention is the best deterrent.

Proactive Security

Improved Security

Improved WordPress Security

WordPress security is often overlooked by average users, leaving them vulnerable to being hacked. Our comprehensive security improvements fix default vulnerabilities and add an additional layer of protection to stay out of harm’s way.

Security Monitoring

We have partnered with Sucuri to bring our clients comprehensive malware and blacklist monitoring to detect issues quickly. If we find anything, we’ll deploy a clean-up team to minimize interruption to your business.

Malware Cleanup

WordPress Malware Cleanup

Did someone from Albania deface your business website? No problem. We will clean it up and/or recover your website from the latest backup. Our mafia-style clean-up crew won’t leave a spot. They’re good.
Don’t fret, we got you!

We Stand By You

Hands-on Assistance

Hands-on WordPress Assistance

Need something done? We’re here to help. Don’t waste time, either use work requests included (no charge!) with your plan or buy on-demand requests when you really need it. Quick and easy.

On-Call Expert Help

Expert Help is Always Available

You have an army of experts available to you. Your Business Guardian will always answer questions and provide advice and resources. Plus, our Business Support team will ensure you receive good customer service.

Unlimited Ticket Support

Business Support Community Forum

How much time do you waste on Google or WordPress.org forum trying to get help? Get answers to any of your WordPress questions without wasting time! Our WordPress experts are an email away, literally.

Most recently, ProjectArmy helped me create promotional material for a training course and provided marketing assistance throughout the campaign. I had a great result and will definitely use them for my next promotion. If you’ve had bad experiences before, contact ProjectArmy today.

Melita Ball MBC & Affiliates, LLC (read full »)

Focus on eCommerce

SSL Installation

FREE SSL Installation for WordPress eCommerce

Even if you use PayPal to charge your customers, having an SSL certificate helps increase sales and keep your customer data safe. You can either purchase an SSL certificate through us, or another SSL provider. We’ll install and activate it.

FREE PCI Compliance

FREE PCI Compliance Service and Scanning

If you’re ready to accept payments on your website, PCI compliance is not optional. Our exclusive partnership with Trust Guard offers our clients FREE PCI compliance and quarterly scanning for an entire year!

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Shopper Approved Setup

FREE Shopper Approved Setup

Social proof is key to more sales. That’s why we’ve partnered with Shopper Approved to offer you a discounted rate and we will set it up on your eCommerce WordPress website without additional cost. Our aim is your success.

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We Don’t Stop, We Continue to Deliver

Business and WordPress Training

We strongly believe that education is key to business success. That’s why we continually train our clients, provide advice and offer resources to help them grow their business. All our Care Plans come with video training to help you learn how to use WordPress, which also includes a User Manual.

Every month we offer free webinar training on topics ranging from SEO and content marketing to sales and pricing. Our webinars are available on-demand following the live event.

WordPress Video Training - ProjectArmy

Viktor showed me exactly why my established site’s revenue was dropping. Then I hired ProjectArmy at a very fair price and he made it happen. Traffic and revenues were up almost immediately – and still climbing.

Dan Ramsey FixItClub.com (read full »)

You Got Questions, We Got Answers

Each Care Plan comes with 14GB of backup storage. We only backup one WordPress website per Care Plan, and exclude anything that is not related to your WordPress website. If you do go over your 14GB limit, the additional cost is only $0.006/MB. But, we haven’t had that happen yet.
Due to large amount of hosting providers and their server setups, it’s hard to say upfront.
Most cPanel hosting environments do work. But, have no fear. We’ll work with you even if we have issues with your hosting. In the end, we can always refund your fees. We highly doubt it will come to that :) For the geeks, here’s what we’re looking for:

  • PHP Version 5.0.0 or higher
  • FTP, SFTP, FTPS access
  • PHP has access to run exec()
  • mysqldump command is accessible
  • mysqlimport command is accessible
  • PHP has permission to write to disk

Does it look like another language to you? Don’t fret. Contact us, we’ll find out for you.

We check and run upgrades once a week for plugins to ensure you’re always up to date and secure. If your themes need to be upgraded, we will consult you first before upgrading. In many situations, themes are heavily modified and might not be eligible for a quick upgrade without losing all changes. WordPress upgrades happen only when a new WordPress version becomes available.
They rarely happen, but if they do, in many instances we will fix the issue and ensure your site is running. Our highly-trained WordPress experts will fix most common, easily-fixed issues. If it’s a large issue I – a plugin hasn’t been updated to be compatible with current the WordPress version, for example – we will restore your website to the previous state and consult with you on the next step. Remember, we ALWAYS focus on keeping your business website running at all times and minimize any downtime.
Yes, if they have automatic upgrade feature enabled. Otherwise you might need an on-demand work request to complete manual upgrade.
In many instances, themes and some plugins get custom modifications done to extend the original features. By default, upgrading these themes or plugins will override (delete) any custom changes you’ve made. Here you have 2 options. The first option is to ignore this plugin or theme during upgrades, unless the developer fixed any security vulnerabilities, in which case you’ll be fine. The second option is for us to upgrade those plugins and themes manually, but at an additional cost based on the actual work required. When we get there, ask and we’ll help you decide on the best option. It’s not always in our favor, it’s always about your best interest.
No, our WordPress Care plans are month-to-month plans with automatic billing. However, we do offer annual plans – especially if you have to pay with a check.
We accept most credit and debit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club. If paying by check, you will have to sign up for an annual plan. It reduces the headaches for you and us to process checks every month. Save a tree (or an accountant), say no to checks.
There are a few things we need, depending on your level of comfort.

  1. FTP (SFTP/FTPS) details
  2. WordPress login details (we prefer to have a separate administrative account for better security).
  3. This is not required, but highly recommended. cPanel or your hosting control panel access. We only use this in emergencies, and we do submit support tickets (with your permission) on your behalf to eliminate more work for you.
All sensitive information is stored on a secure private server, encrypted with industry-standard RSA/AES technology, and is protected by several layers of authentication. We take privacy and security very seriously.

If you have an Active or Premium Care plan, we scan and monitor your website for malware every few hours. If, in an unlikely event, your website does get hacked, we deploy our security team to clean it up and restore your website to its original glory. This also includes password resets, removal of any unauthorized users, and a list of other security measures to ensure your website is protected.

If you have a Basic Care plan, do initiate support ticket if you find your website is hacked before we do our weekly scan. We’ll clean it right up.

We highly recommend and extensively support the WooCommerce eCommerce plugin. Unfortunately, we currently do not have extensive experience with other eCommerce plugins and would rather not offer support for them. It may change in the future. Contact us if you have any questions about your specific eCommerce setup in your WordPress.

If you’re running an eCommerce website using WordPress and WooCommerce, yes, you will need to sign up for the WooCommerce addon. The extra fee covers the additional work we need to do and the additional degree of difficulty working with an eCommerce platform. Plus, when upgrading, eCommerce requires additional Quality Assurance checks that we don’t perform on regular WordPress websites. If you’re getting started and are having a difficult time paying the additional fee, please contact us and tell us your story – we’ll see what options we can offer you to help you get started and grow.

We focus on small businesses, B2B, and B2C, primarily focusing on service businesses.

We work with businesses directly, either with the business owner(s), partners, or employees.

We do our best work while working with businesses directly, and it’s an absolute pleasure! We’d like to keep it that way. :)

That’s It Folks, What Are You Waiting On?

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